As a decile 8 school our funding from the Ministry of Education only meets 75% of our costs to run our basic operations. Many of the extras we provide have been subsidised through fundraising. We see parental contributions as the most feasible way (and so do most parents) to provide educational opportunities for our children......... Please support our school.

School Donation

The suggested contribution is outlined below:

1 Child: $130 per year (or 4-term payments of $32.50)

2+ Children: $230 per family (or 4-term payments of $57.50)

If you wish to discuss any of payment options please contact the Principal.

This is a voluntary contribution to your child's education and is the minimum amount we have estimated needed to subsidise government funding.

All contributions are tax deductible and we will issue you with a receipt for tax purposes.

Activity Fee

$35 per child per term

This covers Class Trips, Kiwi Sport Festival Days, Cultural Visits to school, Life Education.

Please Note: Swimming, Waterwise, Sports Teams, Science Roadshow trips are additional costs.

Materials Fee

$5 per child per Term - Materials associated with class programmes, where extra materials need to be purchased, such as kitchen science and technology challenges.